"When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do."
 Walt Disney

Julian uses universal storytelling methods acquired in a professional education and diverse experience in theater and entertainment offerings, as well as a many years of experience as project leader and creative director in the themed entertainment industry. For 15 years, he specializes in creating for the specific demands of theme parks and attractions of any shape and size.

By applying these methods to past projects, Julian was able to raise visitor numbers by up to 1300 percent!

Find out below what Julian can do for you. 

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Julian Sylva Creative

Range of activity

  • Theme park developmentthemed lands & attractions

  • Shows & events

  • Parades & spectacles

  • Immersive theater

  • Street entertainment & walking acts

  • Character & family entertainment & shows / character & mascot development

  • Halloween concepts, events & attractions

"I will give Julian my best recommendations.

With passion, enthusiasm and an enormous knowledge of the experience industry,

Julian manages, with enchanting storytelling to add value to the attractions while creating everlasting memories for the guests.

Lars Nielsen, Business Development Manager at Soft Play

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As creative director, Julian develops the storyline which serves as the backbone of the project. During the concept's realization, he works with internal and external teams to guarantee best results from everyone at all times. He serves as communicator between all of the involved parties, keeps the flow of information going and makes sure the creative intend stays intact during all phases, changes and challenges, so that the idea you loved on day one is the one you see on opening day.


  • Storyline development / experience design

  • Project management

  • Assembling the project team and/or suggesting external partners

  • Working with internal and external teams

  • Quality control

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Julian's main focus as a consultant is to raise the guest experience without unnecessarily raising the bill for owners and operators. He specializes in providing guidance and realistic concepts for new attractions and developments, seasonal events and thematic overlays. 

Without the need to employ a large company, hiring Julian gives his clients the most flexibility in terms of how much of the project they want to do in-house or with external partners. Instead of trying to sell you things you don't need, Julian will first assess which of your existing assets are usable and create with those, leading to a minimum of new investments.

Especially with saisonal events like Halloween and Christmas gaining more and more importance, this approach proves to be most beneficial for operators and consumers alike.

In the past, Julian has taken this approach to shows, family entertainment and parades. Several of his shows -all delivered on time, always within (and often under) budget- saw an attendance rise between 200 and 130o percent!


  • Assessing the situation and identifying existing assets

  • Creating a cost-effective creative concept based on the results

  • Developing a product tailored to the client's strengths and potential

  • Leading or supporting the implementation of the concept

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The majority of Julian's writing is done for theme parks, live shows and attractions. Additionally, he has written for film, explainer videos and presentations. With a keen eye for the customer's needs and the audience's demands, Julian applies his production experience to the writing process to guarantee best results within the given budget.

Range of activity

  • Storyworlds & transmedia storytelling

  • Storylines for theme parks & attractions

  • Shows, scripts, adaptations, events

  • Immersive theater

  • Character development for brands and mascot characters

  • Videoclips & explainer videos

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With his professional education and experience in theater, Julian is a multi-skilled director for staging classical and contemporary productions. Due to his vast experience in the entertainment sector, he is a specialist for modern and exciting large scale productions from concerts to parades and other spectacles.

Range of activity

  • Theater and stage direction

  • Show, concert and event direction

  • Dialog direction

  • Casting & rehearsal coordination

  • Resident directing services / quality control

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Although Julian now spends most of his time behind the scenes, he still finds the time to perform in theater and entertainment productions and serves as host/presenter for shows and corporate events with stars like Coolio or Heino. During the last few years, Julian also recorded countless voice-overs for several parks and attractions.

For more information about Julian as a performer, please click here.

Range of activity

  • Acting

  • Host & Presenter

  • Voice-Over

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"It's been a great pleasure to work with Julian Sylva.

He has been surpassing my expectations over and over again."

Jörg Kraft, Movie Park Germany / Serengeti Park

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